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C., when the first permanent settlers may have arrived from southern Anatolia or the Syro-Palestinian coast, bringing with them an already developed culture. The earliest Neolithic settlers had an organized society based on agriculture and animal husbandry.However, there is evidence for the presence of seasonal hunters of pygmy elephants and pygmy hippopotami before then, ca. Several of their settlements have been excavated throughout the island, including Khirokitia and Kalavasos near the southern coast.

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Engraved and pointed characters of the script appear on a number of vases in the Cesnola Collection at the Metropolitan.C., political conditions in the Aegean became unstable and refugees left their homes for safer places, including Cyprus, beginning the Hellenization of the island that would take root over the next two centuries.Human habitation of Cyprus dates back to the Paleolithic era.The first settlers were agriculturalists of the so-called PPNB (pre-pottery Neolithic B) era, but did not yet produce pottery (aceramic Neolithic).The dog, sheep, goats and possibly cattle and pigs were introduced, as well as numerous wild animals such as foxes (Vulpes vulpes) and Persian fallow deer (Dama mesopotamica) that were previously unknown on the island.

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